10 Tips to Building a Trusted E-commerce Website

by Lauren Schneidewind on January 30, 2017

Online customers enjoy the luxury of choosing and comparing between millions of e-commerce websites. You are only one of the numerous digital sales options they have. If you want to attract the interest of visitors and persuade them to buy, show them that they can trust you.

1. Modernize the Design of Your Site

Like most of us, you too have probably come across a website that has an ugly, old-fashioned design that makes its overall look unprofessional. Even if the content is top notch, that won’t be enough to persuade visitors to purchase. Take care of your website’s look with high-resolution images, appropriate product descriptions, and user-friendly navigation.

2. Use a Recognized Payment Service

As an online store that is accepting payments, make sure to offer popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Skrill or Authorize.net. When visitors see the option of using recognized payment companies, they will deduce that yours is a trustworthy site and will buy from you. Why? Because your store is obviously a place where payment security is a high priority.

3. Transparent Communication

Your e-commerce website has the power to influence potential customers emotionally. That can be achieved by featuring security information such as legal disclaimers or statements of responsibility. Inform your customers about the daily operations of your business and cover sensitive topics such as data privacy. Don’t be afraid to communicate any negative issues to prove that your business is an open book.

4. Let Others Build Your Reputation

When your reputation as an e-commerce business is based on your competence, ability to satisfy customer’s needs and react quickly in critical situations, people will know that they can rely on you. Use the power of customer reviews to achieve success. Word-of-mouth marketing is an extremely useful tool that can do miracles for your revenue.

5. Apply Good Policies

Identity theft and hacker attacks happen too often nowadays. It’s understandable why we worry what a company does with the personal information we provide to them. Unfortunately, some businesses sell customer data to third parties. As a result, people are unpleasantly surprised with spam emails or other forms of unwanted communications.

What can you do to be a trustworthy online business owner? Create a clearly written privacy policy and place it visibly on your website. When sending out newsletters or promotional emails, always allow people an easy way to unsubscribe.

6. Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

With shopping cart abandonment rates at around 68%, it’s not a surprise that all e-commerce entrepreneurs aim to decrease it. According to potential customers, a major reason why they decide to abandon their shopping cart is that they don’t feel confident in the payment security procedures. If you manage to increase trust in your website, you’ll also increase the number of sales.

7. Show a Business with a Human Face

Buying and selling on the Internet may be convenient and fast, but the impersonal connection via electronic devices does not increase trust. Where the public image of a company is concerned, people want to see familiar human features.

How do you do that? Create a well written ‘About us’ section with photos and short personal descriptions of the people who work for the company. Also, use multiple channels to communicate with your users and fans. In these communications, use appropriate language and consistent tone – something that suggests a human presence behind the brand.

8. Use Trust Badges

Most important is to use recognizable trust badges such as VeriSign, McAffe GeoTrust, and Norton. Research to determine which of them are relevant to your business. Place those trust badges that are related to payment close to important page elements, such as credit card information fields.

9. Keep It Simple

One of the most important things in business is to make sure your customers understand you. To be successful at this, try to simplify information that is complex and too long. Make efforts to assist your customers and encourage them to purchase the product or service of their interest. When people understand you, they will much more easily trust you.

10. Be Ready to Help

While browsing through your online store, visitors will feel much more confident in buying from you when they see that you are available for assistance. That’s why it’s important to have your contact information displayed, so it is easily noticed and used. Including online chat in your store is essential. Show your customers that all the questions that they may have regarding their online purchase will be answered correctly and promptly.

Building trust between your e-commerce business and your customers is an ongoing job. Moreover, while typical marketing tactics focus on achieving short-term goals, building trust is something that is done as a long-term tactic. Since customers who trust a business become loyal fans and supporters, all the effort and time spent in building relationships based on trust are worth it.


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