12 Benefits of Running an Online Business

by Lauren Schneidewind on January 30, 2017

The invention of the Internet has revolutionized the way we interact with each other on both a personal and professional level. Today it’s an essential part of everyday life. People are able to communicate with each other easily and distance is not an obstacle anymore. We pay bills, shop online, play games and do business on the Internet.

Small companies can become equally as visible, accessible and popular as major corporations. A business owner who understands the advantages of using the power of the Internet for running a business can release the potential of their company.

What are the top 12 benefits of doing business online?

#1. Start with low to no cost.

Starting a regular offline business requires a substantial investment. Contrary to that, when you decide to join the world of online entrepreneurs, a big investment is not necessary. In some cases, you can even do it without spending a dollar.

#2. Follow your passion.

Being an employee means that you put effort and time into making other people’s dreams come true. What about your own goals and dreams? You’ve probably heard that people most regret things they didn’t have the courage to do and not so much their failures.

#3. Marketing is cheap/free.

Promoting a product or service as an offline business will cost you a lot of money. With an online business, you can reach potential customers easily and at (almost) no cost. One way is thanks to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Other ways include good email marketing campaigns and successful search engine optimization.

#4. Sell while you are on vacation.

Having your website or e-commerce store available 24/7, every day of the year, is one of the greatest benefits of having an online business. Since your site is always available for customers, you will be able to receive online orders from anywhere in the world. Your business is always open, even while you are on vacation at the beach.

#5. Global access.

The ability to access your website or e-commerce store from any corner of the world gives limitless opportunities for business, as well as the freedom to grow. You can manage your company without being tied to an office location.

#6. Business without borders.

If you have an online business, you can sell to anybody with an Internet connection. Imagine the potential of so much opportunity! This also gives you the ability for unlimited growth of your company.

#7. This is a green business.

Are you concerned about local and global environmental issues? Then you can express your love of nature by choosing to sell online instead of offline. It’s better for the environment because working from a computer at home means using less paper and other material and energy resources.

#8. Faster and easier financial transactions.

Do you need to transfer money, pay bills, buy products or pre-pay for services? It’s easy and fast! Thanks to services such as PayPal, Skrill or Moneybookers, you can make money transactions with nearly anyone in the world, from any mobile device.

#9. Networking is more efficient.

In the past, joining the chamber of commerce was the only chance for entrepreneurs to meet other business owners to exchange ideas, to give or receive advice, and to create mutually beneficial relationships. Today the Internet does a better job of connecting people with shared interests around the globe.

#10. Explore your niche.

People usually start a business with the idea that they can sell to everybody. However, your biggest advantage might be that you have a product or a service that is extremely valued by a limited number of customers. It could be profitable to offer something no one else offers, in a unique way.

#11. Automate your online businesses.

Would you enjoy the luxury of only doing what you like? How would you do that? Observe the processes in your company and decide which activities waste time and money. Then, work on optimizing those activities for greater efficiency. The availability of a variety of online tools makes it easy for business owners to automate their workflow.

#12. Your online business is a real asset.

If any brick and mortar business – factory, store, bakery – can be sold to another person or company, then why not do the same with an online business? Running an e-commerce store is like building an asset that can one day be sold for a profit. The great thing is that once you feel bored or overwhelmed by one business, you could sell it and use the money to start something new!

Running an online business is easy, cost-effective and full of opportunities. It’s also a fun way to learn things you would never find in a textbook. Facing challenges and working on different problems will also make you more creative and will improve one of the most essential qualities of a business person – your communication skills.


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