9 Software Development Trends to Follow in 2017

To stay competitive and stand out from numerous rival companies, business owners need to consider the way software development shapes the economy on both a local and global level.

by Lauren Schneidewind on April 20, 2017

To stay competitive and stand out from numerous rival companies, business owners need to consider the way software development shapes the economy on both a local and global level. Which software development trends in 2017 can help with your business success?

Trend 1: Innovation Through Open Source Development

Yes, this is the power that has enabled the breath-taking success of so many innovative companies whose services we use every day–Google, Apple, Microsoft, Bloomberg, WordPress, and more. If you want to be one of those high-performing players, learn how to incorporate open source innovation in your own organization. You may decide to start using open source for your projects and join this community through active contribution.

Trend 2: Combine Open Source With Machine Learning

Machine learning is a hot trend across many industries, especially combined with the computing power behind open source development. The impact of data-fed machine learning on businesses is increasing. As a result, the changes affect how companies conduct business and how people live. Some examples include Cortana on your computer, Alexa at home, and Siri on your phone.

Trend 3: Software Development For Business Efficiency

In 2017, more companies will consider benefiting from using software development to run their business more efficiently. The constant issue for business owners and managers is that they are overwhelmed with duties but desperately lack time. Here’s where the software developers step in who will focus their efforts on saving time and resources, by helping to automate the business and increase the company’s productivity.

Trend 4: Use Big Data To Solve Problems

Businesses from all economic sectors receive increasing amounts of information that are beneficial for a variety of big data calculations. Software developers will use that data to offer more precise and efficient solutions. It’s important to understand that big data can be used to solve an infinite number of problems. It can help companies to increase their profits or adjust their prices according to specific market needs. Also, businesses can use big data to become more relevant to the market or even for developing an eco-friendly policy.

Trend 5: Customer Is King In The Digital World

Higher sales and more customers will be the result of a company strategy oriented to understanding customers better and more accurately satisfying their needs. Businesses can do that by applying smart solutions and tools, some of them already available for wider application. By using smart apps and chatbots, companies can directly influence the customer and enhance their experience. In the background, predictive analytics helps business owners know what their customers want and need.

Trend 6: Further Focus On Chatbots

This trend deserves a separate section because since last year, more and more businesses, across a variety of industries, are implementing bots. The increase may be because the technology to create chatbots has become easier to use. Facebook introduced the Messenger Platform which significantly decreases the time and expertise needed to utilize chatbots. The Messenger Platform makes the chatbot technology available to more companies. So, look for a proliferation of apps using chatbot technology in 2017.

Trend 7: Implementing A Multiple Cloud Strategy

A multiple cloud strategy may become necessary as insurance against service outages, DDOS attacks, and other large-scale incidents. As a result, executives will understand that they cannot afford to put their organization’s systems at risk and will realize how critical it is to consider developing a multi-cloud strategy.

Trend 8: Virtual and Augmented Reality Become Mainstream

Experts predict that in 2017 we may witness a wider popularity of virtual reality. While devices will become smaller, virtual reality capabilities may increase to surprising levels. A similar trend has been noticed regarding augmented reality, which is also rapidly advancing. The gaming industry may be among the most influenced by these tendencies, as the whole software development process will have to change to meet altered and increased expectations.

Trend 9: Mobility Helps Your Company Stay Agile

The primary goal of mobility that is possible thanks to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, is to maintain an agile and responsive business. This trend will continue to be among the leading indicators of the level of competitiveness of your organization.

The trends described in this article predict that 2017 is going to be extremely exciting from a technological point of view.

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