Choosing The Best E-commerce Platform For Your Online Business

E-commerce entrepreneurs have to face many challenges and make important decisions in order to run a successful business. That is why it is crucial to choose the right all-in-one e-commerce solution for your online store.

by Lauren Schneidewind on October 25, 2016

E-commerce entrepreneurs have to face many challenges and make important decisions in order to run a successful business. That is why it is crucial to choose the right all-in-one e-commerce solution for your online store that offers all significant features – starting with an attractive design, smart development and reliable hosting and support, and continuing with a good content management system, a solid backend and intuitive user experience.

It is certainly not easy to think for all aspects of an online shopping site especially when the market is abundant in platforms that share similar features. In order to make the choice of an e-commerce entrepreneur easier, we have put together a comparison analysis between three of the most popular options available. In order to make the analyses fair we included not only the pros for choosing a certain solution but also the cons.

Spree Commerce

With user satisfaction of 98%, Spree is an open source e-commerce platform based on Ruby on Rails. Its strongest advantage is that it offers easy customizations and regular upgrades. This allows both developers and storeowners to adjust Spree according to the specific requirements of their business. What is unique for Spree Commerce is that in 2013 they launched their revolutionary integration platform, now popular under the name Wombat. It possesses the valuable option to automate backend operations for storefronts using any platform available on the market and not just Spree. As far as growth is concerned, the community is adding constantly new plugins to Spree, which is beneficial for its fast development. Let also consider the pricing, which is the pain spot for every entrepreneur. The huge plus is that downloading Spree is absolutely free and the fees that users pay are for some features as hosting, security, merchant account.


The platform is a host of 300,000 online shops and its sales amount to 20 billion. It is a good option for beginners mostly because of the easy and simple setup available, as well as because of their good online support. Another plus is that operating on Shopify is relatively cheap (prices starting from 9$) plus hosting is included. User satisfaction is reported to be 99%. However, if you are a small business that plans to grow, the prices will appear too high for you in the long run and you may need to move your business to a more cost- effective platform for bigger businesses. To continue with the inconveniences, when you decide to change the hosting platform from Shopify to another one, you may find it difficult to realize and the whole process may appear not as smooth as you wish. Another minus is that the setup they use to customize the themes is rather peculiar and, unlike Spree, as a result, customization is not their strongest feature.


This is another big all-in-one e-commerce solution that is powering online stores in more than 150 countries, which gives the opportunity to make business in any currency. The user satisfaction of BigCommerce is 96%. As far as prices are concerned, users can try it for free for 15 days while prices start from 29.95$/month for a Standard, full-featured online store. Their fraud monitoring and analytics service are available for the Pro and Enterprise solutions. Unfortunately, BigCommerce offers only seven free templates, which is extremely limited when compared to the other platforms. They actually can provide 100 templates but only after you sign up and this is a bit annoying. Another minus is that the support of this e-commerce store builder works only in the standard business hours and it would have been much better if they could provide a help desk available 24/7.

Of course, there are also other big players on the all-in-one e-commerce market but most of them offer similar components. When making the decision which solution is the right for their business, the future storeowner has to have in mind these major features: pricing, design and security. It certainly counts if the e-commerce platform that attracts you most will also allow you to easily grow your business and make it more profitable in future.

At LD Studios we tend to like systems that are free or open-source, easy to use and customizable. For these reasons our go to platform is Spree commerce. We would love to chat with you today about which platform would fit your business the best. Please contact us for your free consultation.









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