Collaborative Amplitude: Open Source Software

by Jeremy Lord on April 19, 2016

Software is key to improving a company’s operating efficiency. At a basic level, software dramatically increases the effectiveness of basic functions like employee communication, project management, and billing and invoicing. While these functions are available through closed-source software, open source software is created with the flexibility to adapt to your company’s unique needs.

Open source software is made possible by developers who create software, and then deliberately make the source code publicly available for others to see or use. Additionally, the software is published with an open source license. This is good for companies because it allows developers to not only see the code, but to manipulate it as well. Think of it as the difference between having a wooden toy castle (closed-source software) and one made out of building blocks (open source software). Adding a turret to the wooden castle would be near impossible, whereas adding a turret, changing the drawbridge, and increasing the size of the castle made out of blocks is a possibility. The building blocks (software) are designed in such a way as to invite change and additions.

Ideally, a company is akin to a living being in the sense that it will grow and adapt with each year. Open source software is capable of growing and adapting alongside the company as it works to support the basic and advanced options required of its system. A development team, whether in-house or an outsourced group like LD Studios, is capable of altering the software as necessary.

Aside from flexibility, open source software is considered to be a secure system because the power rests in the user’s hands. Due to the code’s visibility, developers are able to pinpoint areas of weakness. This ease of access is especially important if there are certain areas a company wants to ensure are particularly secure. Additionally, it is believed bugs and security risks are handled in a timelier manner because developers have access to the source code instead of going through a commercial developer.

Finally, when using open source software and working with an in-house development team or an outside group like LD Studios, you have the opportunity to see what works best for your company. For example, you can establish checkpoints in your project timeline to test recent additions to the code, or you can make changes to the original plan as you move forward. Open source software means less surprises and more guarantees.

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