How to Improve Collaboration and Code Quality on a Software Team

Every Project Manager of a software team knows how important, even vital, it is to deliver products of high quality. Creating clean, successfully working code is a top priority.

by Daniel Rice on April 21, 2017

Every Project Manager of a software team knows how important, even vital, it is to deliver products of high quality. Creating clean, successfully working code is a top priority because it means:

  • Easier maintenance and updates
  • Improved delivery schedule
  • Lower volume of repair and rework
  • Reduced expenses and time for repair and rework
  • Improvement in the company image and the client’s trust

There are a variety of activities that can ensure a higher quality software project. Among them are:

  • Have a clear plan that involves estimates, deadlines, and goals.
  • Utilize modern and reliable methods for code review.
  • Use bug tracking software.
  • Agree with the client on the level of quality they need and involve them throughout the whole development process.
  • Be prepared to make changes at any stage in the development process.

At the same time, it’s not a surprise that producing excellent code indirectly depends on the attitude of the team, the spirit of community among team members, as well as their sense of responsibility regarding the project.

Also, the final result of the project lies not only in the hands of the developers, but also the designers, testers, product and process managers, as well as internal and external stakeholders.

How can you improve team collaboration to ensure high-quality code?

Assign Effective Team Leaders

It all starts with the Team Leader. This should be a person who has the power to influence the collaborative behavior within the team. Choose a professional who knows that both skill and relationships are important for a successful joint effort. A good leader is able to encourage a friendly working atmosphere while communicating the project goals and tasks in a precise manner. Another capability is providing effective monitoring and objective feedback whenever necessary.

Ensure Executive Support

While they are not always directly involved, top executives in the organization are able to have an influence on the collaborative spirit of a team through their decisions. Ways they can positively impact team spirit include leading by personal example, investing in activities and events that will unite the organization, and creating an environment in which knowledge sharing and support can flourish.

Establish a Culture of Mentoring and Coaching

A culture that encourages mentoring and coaching can be introduced through formal internal processes or by inspiring a natural knowledge and skills exchange, which can be continued outside the office. The process of formal mentoring requires defining clear roles and responsibilities of both parties. From a practical point of view, the informal mentoring and coaching is more effective in creating a positive work environment.

Encourage a Sense of Community

This is where some good HR practices could be applied very successfully. Organizing company events, team building opportunities, and charity activities will enormously increase the communal spirit within the company and the team. The HR specialist can also contribute to the sense of community by creating policies and practices that encourage activities within the organization that involve the employees.

Improve Communication

Achieve better communication within the team by using collaboration tools that will boost the efficiency of both internal and external communication. For this purpose, you can use video and conference calls to minimize meetings, and task and project management tools to keep track of project development.

Support a Proactive and Transparent Work Environment 

It is up to the Project Manager to establish and maintain an open work environment. They can do this by managing responsibilities of the team such as assigning specific tasks, calculating how much time will be needed for the execution of each task, and creating and assigning reasonable deadlines. The ultimate goal is for each team member to be informed at all times about the progress of each task and to keep track of the project as a whole.

By improving teamwork and a sense of belonging, the software Project Manager will notice a significant improvement in product quality. Of course, this is not a one-time job thing. Maintaining a healthy and productive work environment requires constant effort and is the base of a successful company.

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