How To Turn Your Small Business Failures Into Success

by Lauren Schneidewind on February 13, 2017

If you are an owner of a small business, you may think that branding is only for the big players. However, the development of digital technologies has made it a must for small brands to work on their positive image. How else do you become visible in the Internet ocean of online companies?

So, don’t hesitate to use a variety of tools to market your products and services. If you learn how to apply brand awareness, your customers will begin recognizing your company.

Trust is vital when you want to establish a long-term relationship with your customers. Why? People prefer to buy from names they trust. The goal is for people to have a positive reaction and identify your company solely by looking at your logo or even by seeing the color scheme associated with your business.

Achieving brand identity gives you a very powerful advantage, and you will make more sales based on trust.

Online businesses need a positive brand image to achieve credibility.

Nowadays people buy almost anything over the Internet because they trust online sales. When customers visit the website of a brand they know and like, their trust in the company allows them to purchase without hesitation.

On the contrary, if they see a brand they don’t find attractive or credible, whatever the prices and other conditions, they will not buy. That’s why it’s so important for small businesses to invest in positive brand image.

How can you establish and enhance your brand image?

Define what it is that your brand represents.  

Ask yourself - what is that special thing that your customers associate with your company? What does it symbolize for them? Are you capable of keeping your promises to the customers who have trusted your brand?

Defining what makes your company unique and what you stand for is the first step in establishing your brand image.

Keep updating your website and the technologies you use.

Even children know how to use a mobile phone, a tablet, and a laptop. Online modern technologies are now in use every day. People expect businesses to meet their needs via the technology they use.

Be sure to keep up with trends in technology, so your small business delivers what your customers expect. You want your brand associated with an excellent website.

Review the symbols of your brand.

Review your website, logo, and company motto for what image your business is projecting. Consider working with a professional who can create a modern, easy to use and visually appealing website, as well as a memorable logo, that best symbolizes your company’s activity.

Also, on a regular basis, audit your brochures and ads, as well as your company profiles on social media. Make sure that your marketing materials are consistent and spread your unique look, logo, and image across the marketing and social platforms that your business uses.

Be wise with your relationships and connections.

Everybody knows that good networking is vital for business development whether you’re an online or offline company. Try to connect with people who will inspire you and find mutually supportive communities.

When deciding which groups or activities to participate in, ask yourself if they could help you reach your goals or if they will be a distraction. Choose to engage where you positively build your brand.

Use banners for branding.

Nowadays banners don’t deliver the same good click through rates as in the past. The trend is that they now serve as advertising and as a branding tool. The goals are brand awareness and brand association.

Customers of the website you place your banner on become aware of your brand. Moreover, the goodwill they associate with the hosting site then transfers to your brand. So hopefully, when those customers need to purchase what your store offers, they think of you.

Branding through affiliates.

Most affiliate marketing does not directly drive sales. Think of it more as enhancing your brand by having your banners on other websites. That repeated exposure of your brand associates it with a product category (creating brand awareness). Additionally, this is a great way for positioning your business as a leader (earning trust).

Are you familiar with attraction marketing?

Some kinds of activities allow you to share your expertise and time with other people. While it may not sound like something that would directly influence your brand, volunteering and active participation in your industry and community have an impact on your personal and professional image.

Branding for small business means creating and maintaining an identity, which tells customers what they can expect from your business. Your brand is what sets your company apart from all others.


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