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by Jeremy Lord on August 15, 2016

Working with small businesses is often carried with a fair amount of speculation. I’m here to show that it could really be in your best interest. Too often are people immediately turned off by the idea that they simply have never heard of a company before. The federally governed Small Business Association classifies a small business as being less than 500 employees. Even at that standard, the overall effectiveness of companies start to deteriorate as communication and cohesiveness are challenged. In order for a small team to prove it’s worth as the 1% of small business to survive, it must go above and beyond client expectations by working smarter, producing more, and often times producing earlier than agreed upon.


When it comes to business, the size of the company is not necessarily the best indicator of ability to give you what you’re asking for. At such a crucial junction in their lifecycle, smaller companies have open floors for collaboration and their only option is to hire A-Players to make sure that their clients are happy with the work. This all comes down to a hiring process that ensures nothing but the best talent and project managers are hired for such vital positions. If done correctly, an agile team of two with flawless communication can be more productive than a team of ten in junior positions.


The collaboration that comes with working with a smaller company is something that truly gives you an edge over the competition. Smaller companies often have better communication through all of their branches to ensure that they can be as effective and helpful as possible to the client. A great example of this, is a weekly (company-wide) huddle where everyone can share client successes and concerns to be fixed. Granted, not every company does this but those that do ensures that everyone is on the same page and that everything that was agreed on is completed with the best processes. Depending on the client, this hudde could even be a breeding ground for innovative ideas that could prove to be helpful further down the road.


Small businesses are started with a passion to impact the world in a positive way. Entrepreneurs turned founders have recognized a need and know how to supply the solution from the ground up. Years of working in respective fields leads to this innovation that turns an idea into a passion. This passion is what guarantees that the best product and processes are carried out to their full potential. At the end of the day, passion is what moves this world forward, and unfortunately I think that passion gets lost in the disconnection of corporations and big businesses.

Small businesses, although lacking a certain reputation that makes people feel comfortable enough, often bring a personable aspect that is unmatched. These aspects are necessary to consider, especially when trying to field a development team. In software development, less is often more whether you are considering a team or particular methodologies. If you have been burned by larger companies or your objectives tend to get lost in translation, give LD Studios a call to see where we can help your application reach your ambitions.


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