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How to Increase Holiday Sales on your Online Store

by Lauren Schneidewind on December 7, 2016

Holiday Season is a hectic time for both shoppers and shop owners. For e-commerce businesses, it means **more customers** leading to **more sales**. That’s why extra efforts towards you online store are of vital importance now – from making sure that your website is handling heavy traffic to ensuring all gifts are shipping on time. Below are important aspects of holiday shopping season for online store owners.

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Avoid These 13 Deadly Mistakes in Your E-commerce Business

by Lauren Schneidewind on December 2, 2016

Running an e-commerce business allows you to learn lessons that an MBA or a business course cannot teach. However, learning those lessons the hard way could cost you your business. If you want to not only survive in the e-commerce jungle but succeed in it, avoid the following common mistakes.

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