Preserving Childhood Innocence: LD Studios and W-Underdogs Become Superheroes

by Jeremy Lord on November 24, 2015

Do you a remember a time when the biggest thing you had to worry about for the week was what you were going to dress up as for Halloween? Your costume was not just an outfit to be worn for the night and tossed back in attic until next year; no your costume was an alter-ego to be flaunted wherever you happened to go the entire week leading up to that glorious night. Children don’t have to spend weeks leading up to Halloween to decide what or who they wanted to be. They aren’t concerned with being original or emotionally appealing. The only thing that matters to them is that they can be whoever they want to be, and that they have a mountain of candy to come home to for the next year.

The sad truth is that this generous passing-out of goodies is a right of passage that a lot of kids never to get experience. Whether that is caused by a bad neighborhood or lacking resources to make a stunning costume, we as a community must do everything in our power to give kids like this these genuine experiences. We need to think in a light that envelops the best interest for those that nights like Halloween mean the most to, which is undoubtedly the innocent princesses and superheroes roaming the streets every 31st of October.

One such example are the kids of southern Atlanta who grow up on the streets and in the neighborhoods that would make any clown shake in his over sized shoes. These kids live in a world that most couldn’t comprehend mainly because we choose not to look. Luckily, there are real-life superheros like Grace Hamlin of W-Underdogs whose sole mission is to care and provide these kids with wholesome experiences like trick-or-treating. (W-Underdogs)[]

This Halloween, LD Studios and the W-Underdogs came together to give a handful of kids in a tough neighborhood everything they needed to be able enjoy Halloween like it always should be. The fact is, without Grace reaching out to help these kids, they would have ended up doing something far more reckless and dangerous that weekend.

These children were not the rough and tough, out-of-control kids that one might think they would have encountered in a dangerous neighborhood. These children were only concerned with having fun, dressing up with their friends, and enjoying some treats that don’t come around often, all of which are quality traits that should constantly be reinforced. Of course there are people who could care less what these children do with their saturday night, but people like Grace Hamlin and Lauren Schneidewind from LD Studios are making strides to better the future by preserving the innocence of childhood.

As adults, we get caught up in all of the details of our daily lives that we forget to have fun, act silly, or do things for others, which inhibits us from being reminded of what it was like to be truly innocent. As a community we need to strive to preserve this innocence, so that every child has the chance to be whoever they want to be and less of a reflection of the cruel world surrounding them.


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