The Satellite Manifesto

by Jeremy Lord on January 27, 2016

Satellites are an integral part of the Information Age. They have evolved into extremely versatile technology that is constantly becoming more advanced and agile. We are LD Studios, and we are the satellites of the web development community based in Atlanta. We excel at being web applications experts that write the back-end code for any number of applications that are used online. That generally means if your business has anything to do with spreadsheets, calculators, or anything involving a atabase, we can build it.

We can write code for completely different applications at an expedited rate. We love to be challenged. Out projects range from a GPS locator for resource centers that the LGBTQ community can reach out to for help or guidance to financial databases and calculators for multi-million dollar industry leaders. The applications are endless and so is our know-how!

Our mission is to grow your business by creating a solid scalable foundation. We can take a business at any point in it's trajectory, and help them achieve their goals. At a start-up level, we can create an application and write code that best encompasses the owner's wishes and ambitions to give them the proper foundation for their business to grow. Small to medium sized businesses might already have a solid application, but need to remain ahead of the curve; we are the people to call. We can run maintenance on their application and make sure it is working optimally. We ensure that your company always retains its scalability and is able to grow and rapidly change with the market. Enterprises might want assistance updating old and inefficient legacy code, integrating applications, or are in need of a technology and system audit to learn where they can improve (we call these Strategic Audits). We are here to help and the sky's the limit!

Similar to satellites, LD Studios is in the background and constantly orbiting. This means that once the project is complete we are at the clients disposal for running maintenance, applying system upgrades, or even just providing peace of mind that their project is still in excellent hands. Most internet users don't know that we're here beause they cannot see us, but we promise that couldn't be further from the truth. We are constantly hovering, constantly checking and double-checking, making sure that the feed of information never stops or catches snags. At this point we sound a whole lot like the Hubble Telescope helping to avoid catastrophic disasters don't we? (A little stretched, but you get the point.)

Our goal is to grow and we want your company to grow with us! Let LD Studios be your satellite, orbiting in the background of your web app ensuring everything is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. So as the curious executives wonder what the next step for their firm may be or as the rising star company needs guidance it is LD Studios that they turn to. We are the guardians of the worldwide web, and we are here to help!


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