The Spoils of Custom Software

by Jeremy Lord on April 7, 2016

Companies across the world are turning to their computers for instant communication, effective marketing, and green business. Whatever the reason, the writing on the wall is clear: if you want to succeed in this age of digital interactions and instantaneous information, you need to have effective software to support your goals.

Unless your company has it’s own in-house development team, there are only two ways to equip your company with software: custom-made by a development shop or pre-made software (purchased through a vendor or at a store). Although there are champions for both types, custom-made software ultimately stands out in every category. Consider the following reasons why custom software is the way to go when expanding as a firm:

Custom software development is designed to adapt to your company’s goals; whether that is to have a more efficient platform, compile research into a secure and organized database, or even connect and expand into an entirely new market. Specialized web applications give companies that sort of freedom by being able to integrate products and services into new and exciting entities. While, pre-made software requires your company to adapt to new terms and guidelines other than your own.

Specialty software development gradually builds as it meets pre-established deadlines, while pre-made software comes packaged as is, and usually with set instructions instead of hands-on training.

Custom software development has a higher chance of protecting your company from hackers, while pre-made software gives hackers the opportunity to study the program’s weaknesses enough to capitalize on them.
Custom software development also has the ability to be completely flexible when it comes to the price of the work that needs to be done, whereas pre-made software sometimes requires the purchase of additional hardware, training, or programs. (One reason for this is because custom-made software is often designed to grow with your company.)

By choosing a custom software package that means that your firm is signing a contract for a transparent, yet deadline-driven project. A timeline will be established, which would include set checkpoints for reviews, questions, and testing. Clients must understand that the build-up is necessary to create an effective, long-term product. (As a plus, developing software to fit a company often means developers are able to make additions even after the timeline has been set.)

Custom software often comes with the option for on-going support. Some developers, like LD Studios, will assist with migrations, large rollouts, and upgrades for both new web applications and legacy software. Another form of assistance can come in the form of employee training or consulting when hiring a development team.

At LD Studios we are dedicated to working with clients of any size to provide, clean elegant solutions. It is our mission to create effective web applications to improve your growth and provide well-designed products to help your company adjust to the market’s rapidly changing dynamics. Give us a call today to see how our development team can help your company reach its goals, (888) 867-4913.


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