Web Development: Appealing to Your Market

by Jeremy Lord on April 15, 2016

Our world is changing rapidly. The massive river of information that’s flowing online is allowing people to receive, give, and dissect valuable insights and services at a rate never seen before. The consumer is now immediately connected and holding nearly unlimited resources in their hands.

However, as everything around us is getting faster, the patience of consumers is dwindling. Everyone wants their products and services faster and in the easiest and simplest manner possible. The key to accomodate this thirst is to develop and utilize a web presence that can actively connect companies to their consumers.

There are landmark industries out there still that are yet to adapt the growing functionality of a quality web presence though. Some of these industries include realty, healthcare, education, banking, law, human resources/counseling, and even more fundamental than those, mining and industrial services. We’re living in an information era where obtaining customer opinions, utilizing applications that expedite business practices and revenue, and creating new abilities to integrate services is as easy as getting online.

Of course everybody has their drawbacks as to why they run their business the way they do, and one of those reasons could be as simple as security. Security of confidential information is usually the biggest reason for why companies prefer to stay more manual. An important aspect to realize though is that there will always be security threats, no matter when, where, how, or with whom we do business with. New measures are consistently being developed and persistently being bypassed daily. The bottom line is that the internet is the gateway to promoting and growing as a business.

Consumers are lazier than ever because infinite amounts of information is so readily available. These days if a consumer can get something without having to move more than a few muscles then that is generally the option that is chosen. We made grocery stores to be a one-stop convenience for pretty much any necessity. Web applications are built from the same concept as they are acting exclusively as a tool for convenience. Consumers like convenience.

Today, there are devices that can communicate with each other to perform different functions that once took weeks to gather, organize, and provide insight; not to mention cost tons of resources and capital. Everything is expedited. However, companies cannot just jump to building an application if they don’t have a secure place to gather and organize this influx of valuable information. Like anything else, it all starts with strong infrastructure.

A strong yet scalable system infrastructure will allow a company to grow services, pivot (if needed), store quality data, and adapt new security measures, all in an organized manner. Think of infrastructure as a toolbox and applications as the tools. Web applications, like tools, are essential to getting jobs done in the quickest and easiest way possible. They are the key to opening or building new markets.

If you’re curious as to how your company could increase its web presence or stay armed with the latest security measures, feel free to email me at jeremy.lord@ldstudios.co and we can make sure that your firm stays ahead of the curve.


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