Your Online Store: Why Do Customers Buy from You?

Why do shoppers choose your online store over another? Experience shows that a combination of factors influences the purchase decisions of an online shopper.

by Lauren Schneidewind on April 24, 2017

Why do shoppers choose your online store over another? That is a question that haunts the days and nights of e-commerce entrepreneurs around the world. Experience shows that a combination of factors influences the purchase decisions of an online shopper.

Check out the most common reasons customers feel motivated to choose your online store for shopping:

Reason #1: Positive reviews from other shoppers

Consumers tend to influence each other. If there are positive comments about a product or service you offer, a visitor to your e-commerce site will more likely turn into your customer.

Reason #2: Desire for something more

When people feel dissatisfaction, regardless if they are men or women, they are more inclined to purchase a product that guarantees them satisfaction. Consumers are always in search of something new, improved, more interesting, more useful, or upgraded. If you convince them that your product is the one that will meet their needs, then you will win a happy customer.

Reason #3: Want to feel special

Do you offer a product or service with specific features? Something that will make your customers feel really special? Then you have a real ace in your online store. From a psychological point of view, people need to feel they have something others do not. Both men and women often use objects or activities to show that they are unique.

Reason #4: Practical use of your product

Of course, very often the reason for their purchase decision is simple – people need what you offer because it makes their life easier and happier.

Reason #5: Excellent customer support

You will be surprised to learn how many customers stop buying from a particular online store just because of poor customer service. What people really want is friendly and efficient support at all stages of the purchase process – from help making the right decision, through offering favorable shipping or payment options, to providing a high level of security during checkout. According to a RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report, 89% of consumers have stopped buying from an individual company after experiencing poor customer service.

Reason #6: Good price

Even if there are items that people will definitely buy because they are essential for their lifestyle, they will still search for a better price. If they find the best price on your e-commerce site – congratulations! You have just made a sale.

Reason #7: Emotions are a shop owner’s best friend

We human beings are emotional creatures – too often we buy something just because it has provoked a specific emotion in us. Moreover, there are behavioral economists who claim that an impressive 90% of all purchasing decisions are based on subconscious reason.

Reason #8: You are available for communication

Not only your own shopping web space but also social media can be of use to create genuine communication with your existing and potential customers. Most notable – make sure to respond as fast as possible to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  A Forrester report says that 45% of US consumers will decide against an online purchase if the shop owner fails to answer their questions or concerns quickly.

Reason #9: You have a memorable offline presence

While it’s true that we are living in a digital era, not all the fun happens online. Even if your business is small, you can still find ways to influence people and convert them into your loyal customers. One way is by organizing events that create a positive perception of your brand, that positively feature a product you offer, or that show a human face to your business.

Reason #10: Pamper your customers with sweet deals

People are always happy to receive discounts, samples or free trials. Think of valuable promotions, suitable for your online business and design them in an attractive way. Such actions provoke a remarkable increase in sales. In fact, this is a win-win situation – you make your customers happy by offering them good deals, and they make you happy by purchasing more from you.

If, after reading all the factors that motivate a person to buy from your online store, you still have some doubts, do this – put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Go through the whole purchasing process – from searching the Internet, to clicking on the “Buy” button, to receiving the actual goods. Use your personal experience to improve whatever necessary on your e-commerce site.

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