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How To Recognize 5 Toxic Software Developer Personalities

by Lauren Schneidewind on November 8, 2016

Do you need to hire a software developer? Here are some ideas about what to think about before you do.


Top 5 Qualities of the Perfect Developer

by Lauren Schneidewind on November 4, 2016

Imagine you’re an entrepreneur who relies on software for the core functions of your small business. Let’s presume that you have a software project, possibly an app or program, that needs to be created by a developer. Congratulations! That was the easy part. Now the difficult part begins. How do you choose the right professional?


Benefits of Working with a Small Business

by Lauren Schneidewind on November 3, 2016

The next time you need the services of another business, why not try hiring a small business? A small business is typically less than 50 employees with a smaller annual revenue. The designation varies by industry.


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