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How to Improve Collaboration and Code Quality on a Software Team

by Daniel Rice on April 21, 2017

Every Project Manager of a software team knows how important, even vital, it is to deliver products of high quality. Creating clean, successfully working code is a top priority.

Project Management

Top 7 Project Management Skills For IT Project Success

by Lauren Schneidewind on April 21, 2017

Project management in IT shares some skills with other industries and, at the same time, requires some unique abilities.

Project Management

16 Useful Time Management Tips That Get Results

by Lauren Schneidewind on December 2, 2016

For business success, time management is essential for you and your team. You can increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity with some careful thought and planning. Where do you start? Here’s a powerful collection of 16 useful time management tips that will boost your productivity and help you and your team succeed.

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Why is Ruby on Rails Powerful for Your Small Business?

by Lauren Schneidewind on December 2, 2016

Did you know that most of your favorite websites use the web application Ruby on Rails? Among them are Twitter, Airbnb, Bloomberg, GitHub, GoodReads, Groupon, Jobster, Sound Cloud, and Spree Commerce. Are you planning a website or online component for your small business? Read on for the reasons why these companies prefer Ruby on Rails.

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Startups: How to Launch a Winning Product with a Software Developer

by Lauren Schneidewind on November 29, 2016

For a Startup, successfully launching a new software product requires a development partner who also acts as a mentor. The main goal that defines success is developing a great product, together. The best thing for a Startup to do is to find a trusted and experienced software development company. Then let them lead through the four stages in the creation of a winning product.

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