About Chrome Capital

Founded in 2011, Chrome Capital delivers the dream of riding a Harley-Davidson® or Indian® motorcycle without the long-term commitment of a traditional loan. Operational in all 48 contiguous US states, Chrome Capital caters to the vast network of independent Harley-Davidson Dealerships. Thanks to Chrome Capital, dealerships can offer affordable leasing options to riders with any credit score. Dealers sell more metal…everyone wins!

Issues Faced

Technologically speaking, Chrome began like any startup. They built the first prototype of their lease calculator in Microsoft Excel, and they kept all of their servicing records in Microsoft Access. They had proven their business model using the tools they had available to them. However, as the company began to grow beyond the initial founders and early-stage employees, the systems in place did not scale well at all.

The Chrome Capital Lease Origination System, or LOS for short, was initially developed offshore in India and was then brought back to the US through an agency. That agency spent a lot of time writing a comprehensive test suite that the offshore team neglected to provide. Furthermore, the agency struggled to add new features to the LOS and untangle the code the offshore team left behind.

For those of you reading this who have offshored projects before, you know that offshore developers are great at building exactly what you need for a very cheap price—but often at the (great) expense of being able to modify the system later easily.

The offshore code was incredibly tangled and difficult to modify, and the agency struggled with it. As a result, Velocity, a measure of how much work a development team is getting done, started to drop to the point where hardly anything was happening week to week. To compensate for this drop in productivity, the US-based agency added resources to the project in a bid to get it back on track. Project costs were starting to spiral out of control. Peter Wasmer, CEO of Chrome Capital, made a wise decision and contacted LD Studios to get a second opinion.

LD Studios to the Rescue!

Peter Wasmer, CEO of Chrome Capital, made a wise decision and contacted LD Studios to get a second opinion. After reviewing the Chrome Capital LOS code and analyzing the work done to date, LD Studios came up with a Rescue Plan for the Chrome LOS. LD Studios determined that 1 Senior Resource at LD Studios would be able to accomplish more work than the 3 junior resources already working on the project. As soon as LD Studios got to work, our team delivered three times the value for one third the price on the very first day.

Technologies & Services

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript
  • Redis
  • Amazon S3 & Lambda
  • Heroku
  • Sidekiq
  • Multiple external integrations
  • External vendor fault tolerance
  • Security Auditing