About P&B Intermodal

P&B Intermodal is a maintenance and repair organization that has built and currently maintains their product called My Asset Status. This application allows users to manage their business more effectively. It is specifically for maintenance managers and repair technicians within the transportation industry. The web app allows concurrent monitoring of their asset status and availability over a large network.

Issues Faced

P&B Intermodal’s web application, My Asset Status, required a team of software consultants that could not only develop a web product but understand the business needs as well.

The primary objective of the project with LD Studios was to build a greenfield real-time Asset Status and Availability Management Tool in the form of a web application. There were also other aspects to the project. LD Studios had to manage a legacy system to integrate with the new project, resolve bugs as and when they occurred, and act as a strategic partner in taking the legacy application forward.


  • Long-Term Support
  • Legacy Rails App
  • Go-to IT Consultants

LD Studios to the Rescue!

As a result of a successful project, P&B Intermodal has worked with LD Studios for more than three years. Chief Operating Officer, Dale Bartley, is satisfied because of the way LD Studios understands their business requirements and supports their product accordingly. P&B Intermodal appreciates LD’s quick responsive nature to any issues that arise. They look forward to more years of continuing to work together.

Dale Bartley, P&B Intermodal, Chief Operating Officer

“Their responsiveness and their ability to make quick development changes as and when required are something that really makes them stand apart.”

P&B Intermodal Technology Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Heroku
  • Twilio