Fully functioning E-commerce site built in under two weeks.

A Case Study Of The Tire Experts!

About The Tire Experts

In 2003, CCAW Automotive Group began operating in Louisiana as a traditional retailer and installer of automotive electronics and accessories. In 2007, due to changing consumer demand, the firm changed strategies and became a technology-focused retailer of aftermarket automotive parts specializing in exterior enhancement. Today, CCAW Automotive Group is a leading technology-focused retailer of aftermarket automotive parts headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Issues Faced

CCAW wanted to create a simple e-commerce site that would allow them to test out a new product line before investing significant amounts of money. They needed a custom solution for a commodity price, and right now. So, they did not have time to wait for the typical custom development life cycle that would take several months from beginning to end.

CCAW needed a solution that worked within their budget, business needs and timeframe. They also wanted a solution that focused on ROI. Testing of the new business model needed to happen within the web application.


Rapid Delivery


Under Budget

LD Studios to the rescue

LD Studios built an e-commerce website that allows customers to purchase a set of tires online. The site was created in just two weeks as a demo tool to use with prospective vendors. However, it could have taken payments and handled shipping over the web. LD Studios chose an e-commerce platform, Spree Commerce, which provides many features for free. Then, LD Studios customized the storefront, including custom search functionality that would have been impossible with platforms like Shopify or Magento. In all, LD created a fully functioning e-commerce site in less than three weeks—start to finish.


Joshua Zane, The Tire Experts, COO

“hey focus very much on understanding the needs of their customers. They always kept us updated and in the loop regarding the changes that we requested and were using them for.”

The Tire Experts Technology Stack: Ruby on Rails, Spree Commerce

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