Giving Back

LD Studios believes in Giving Back to the Community. Whether it's a local Atlanta Charity or a Global 501(c)(3), LD Studios donates a portion of its proceeds to reputable organizations that are making an impact.


LD Studios and the W-Underdogs work together montly to set up events based on the needs of kids in a tough neighborhood. One such event was a chatiy event in 2016 where LD Studios helped to raise over $2,000.

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Friends to the Forlorn

Throughout 2015, LD Studios offered a Matching Grant to help contribute to Friends to the Forlorn.

In 2016, LD Studios built a Spay/Neuter Grant Tracking application for Friends to the Forlorn. It helped replace an Excel file that was hard to keep up to date and allowed Friends to the Forlorn Volunteers online access at home, their day jobs, or on the go.

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Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue
LGBTQ Therapist Locator

LGBTQ Therapist Locator

LD Studios built a custom Therapist Locator app for Atlanta's LGBTQ Community. The App allows users to enter their address and it will locate the closest approved Therapist to them.

"Thank you so much for getting the LGBTQ Therapist Resource Database up and running. We appreciate it so much, and we are thrilled with the result!"

~~ The LGBTQ Therapist Resource Board
LGBTQ Therapist Locator

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