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Custom Design, Web, and Mobile Development Services

Our Projects have an average Return on Investment (ROI) within six months for established businesses. We bridge technology and business needs by delivering elegant solutions while maintaining a sustainable pace, ensuring maximum impact and happy users.

Product Design

All Products begin with an idea. We can bring your idea to life and make it so that users love it.

Custom Design

All our projects begin with an initial design, starting with ideas and napkin sketches, and ending with an implemented design. We ensure our designs are used to build products that are based on achieving business outcomes.

Mobile Design

All of our web apps are responsive by design, meaning they are designed to look great and function on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens. Our native Mobile designes will be delivered as functioning prototypes and work on the devices they're intended for. Many design firms themselves will not go this far.

Front End Implementation

Our designs are always implemented in the browser. This ensures that the design phase ends with a functional prototype that you can see, share, and interact with.

User Interface Design & Branding

Our products produce business outcomes, look amazing, and are intuitive to end users. If a brand does not exist for your product, we can help you discover and establish that brand, too.

Web Development

We love making amazing web software and follow Agile Software Development best practices. Get your project off the ground by hiring our team of smart, driven, and talented engineers.


Ruby On Rails

By using the Ruby on Rails Framework, we can bring secure, stable products to market quickly. The framework favors "convention over configuration" and enjoys a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other tools. Furthermore, its community has been active and enthusiastic for nearly 10 years.


Elixir / Pheonix

Pheonix and Elixir are the natural evolution and complement to Ruby on Rails. With Pheonix, we can build blazing fast web applications using the same MVC patterns we love from Rails, but throw functional programming, concurrency, and enhanced performance into the mix.



Single Page Apps written in Angular are fast, responsive, and take Front End Development to the next level. When SPA's are the way to go, Angular is a great option. Its flexible, enphasizes reuseable modules, and is easy to write tests for. On top of that, it sits very nicely on top of Rails but can be just as happy as a standalone app, too.



ReactJS is a great option for legacy web applications that could use the benefits of a Single Page App, just without a big upfront investment. ReactJS can be implemented gradually into a larger app so benefits can be seen more immediately.

Mobile Development

Mobile devices have changed the way we access information, shop, and communicate. Allow our team to build a mobile experience your competition would be envious of.

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iOS Development

100% Native. We build our iOS apps using Xcode, Swift, and Objective-C. No third-party platforms sit between iOS and the code we write, which means we are always ready to adopt the latest technologies from Apple.


Android Development

Google says there are now 1.4 Billion (with a B) active Android devices. There are also thousands of variations of Android phones and tablets. If your app is going to make an impact, it’s going to have to be something very special and its going to have to work seamlessly on a variety of Android-powered devices. Your development and design team needs to be pretty smart too. That's where LD Studios steps in.


React Native

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. It uses the same design as React, letting you compose a rich mobile UI from declarative components


Technology Consulting

When you need a trusted technology advisor in your corner, look no further.

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Fractional CTO

A Fractional CTO is an experienced, multi-faceted senior technology executive professional who serves as the part-time chief technology officer (CTO) for organizations that do not need a full time executive. LD Studios can fill this gap. Our Consultants have helped dozens of early stage startups align go-to-market strategies with technology objectives.

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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Planning

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a development technique in which a new product or website is developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. LD Studios has build several MVP's successfully. What's more important than successfully finishing is we help coach startup founders and keep the project scope truly minimal. That's what we mean by on-time and on-budget.

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Systems and Infrastructure Audit

LD Studios builds lots of apps so naturally we have experience with Infrastructure as well. Whether its Amazon AWS, Heroku, Microsoft Azure, Engine Yard, or Digital Ocean, we have experience getting the most out of every major cloud platform provider.

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