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Meet the LD Studios Team

LD Studios is a full service web consulting, design, and development agency. We have expert developers and designers all based in Atlanta, Georgia.


Daniel Rice

CTO, LD Studios

"When you hire LD Studios, you will no longer worry about your project or web app again. We work in open collaboration with all of our clients to make sure goals are always met, timelines are respected, and downtime is minimal."

Our Mantra

At LD Studios, the most important principle that supersedes all others is Trust.



At LD Studios, the most important principle that supersedes all others is Trust. From our first meeting through our last, we always advise what is in our clients' best interest. We will treat you how we want to be treated; we are big believers in The Golden Rule.


By using the Ruby on Rails Framework, we can bring secure, stable products to market quickly. The framework favors "convention over configuration" and enjoys a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other tools. Furthermore, its community has been active and enthusiastic for nearly 10 years.


We love what we do at LD Studios. But we also realize that life isn't just about work either. That's why LD Studios donates a portion of the proceeds from all projects to reputable charities around the globe. We support locally and globally focused 501(c)(3)'s and we always make sure the charities we support provide a positive impact on the communities they serve. In the past, we've supported Friends to the Forlorn through a Matching Grant, the W-Underdogs in Atlanta, and Habitat for Humanity International.

The Team

In-house Talent. We don't outsource your problem, we solve it.

Lauren 2

Lauren Schneidewind

Founder & CEO

Lauren oversees the day-to-day operations and business strategy for LD Studios.

Daniel 2

Daniel Rice

Founder & CEO

Daniel hails from a technical consulting background utilizing open source software to produce extraordinary outcomes.


Ella Lin

Junior Developer

Our youngest member of the team at one year of age, she already commands all the attention in the room. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it.



Kids That Care

The W-Underdogs program helps underserved youth from the Peoplestown neighborhood gain leadership, life skills, and compassion as they use teamwork to train and care for animals.


Sansa & Tyrion


Our company mascots. Sansa is a beautiful 5 year-old that loves to watch others work while she is lying comfortably in the sun. Tyrion is Chihuahua at heart and was tragically born into a 75 lbs body. That won't stop him from trying to sit on your lap though.


Sir Herbert Newton

The Boss

Herbert has been part of the team the longest, 13 years. He is the enforcer. He ensures everyone does what they need to be doing, including feeding him his five square meals a day and providing him plenty of attention, all on his terms of course.

We believe our team of developers are the best in business because they work smarter and harder. They are constantly improving their skills, staying in the know with the latest technologies, and keeping an eye on the horizon for new trends all while mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs, product managers, and CTOs.

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