Our Testimonials


Pete Wasmer, Fuel Capital, Owner

"I really appreciate the care with which they [LD Studios] have written the code. It’s exceptionally clean code."


Melanie Storrusten, LGBTQ Therapist Resource, Director

"Once they [LD Studios] started working on the database, it didn’t take long at all to get it launched."


Cassie Mitchell, Sterling IRB, Director of Quality

"LD Studios are very proactive in contacting the vendors and getting the job done. They provide great support services."


Dale Bartley, P&B Intermodal, Owner

"Their responsiveness and their ability to make quick development changes as and when required are something that really makes them stand apart."


Blake Henke, Chrome Capital, Software & Audit Manager

"They have a great combination of business understanding and technical knowledge. They have a genuine willingness to deliver the project beyond expectations."


Brian Cramer, Chrome Capital, Director of Financial Operations

"Daniel and their team are able to get the job done! I have worked with several firms in the past and they are the first we can trust to do what they are supposed to be doing. I have enjoyed getting to work with them for several years now."


Angel Stewart, My Carnival Bands, Founder & Owner

"The attention they give to the project is appreciable. They became a crucial part of the project. This project became successful just because of their understanding and impulsiveness to deliver a quality project."


Joshua Zane, The Tire Experts, COO

"They focus very much on understanding the needs of their customers. They always kept us updated and in loop regarding the changes that we used to request them for."


Windsor Thompson, Paper-Daisies, Director

"We searched for a long time trying to find a development team that could understand our businesses needs and had the technical ability to get the job done."

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